Tips and Tricks: Author’s Edition

A couple of weeks ago, we reviewed a few tips and tricks provided by the employees here at COW. We had some good laughs, great conversations, and learned new things. Plus, the topic prompted a surplus of tips to be shared. So much so that for today, we’ll be revisiting the topic and reviewing the tips and tricks that couldn’t make it in. So without further ado, I present our discussion for this week –Tips and Tricks: Author’s Edition. 


When I first made my way into cannabis, I was overwhelmed. I had more questions than answers, a negative mental association, and when it came down to it, I just knew that there was a ton of information I didn’t have any knowledge of. So, I did what I always do when I don’t know the answer –I asked Google. 

My first tip to anybody who’s new, overwhelmed, anxious, and unsure where to start –study up. (I say this often, but–) Cannabis, at its core, is a science, and because of this, there’s a ton of information on the internet available for you to dive into. If you’re unsure where to start, I recommend opening up Google and asking the first cannabis-related question on your mind. I’m sure you’ll find an array of answers to your questions. 

The first topic I recommend checking out is the 3-group classification system (i.e., indica, sativa, and hybrid). Taking the time to understand it before walking into your local dispensary can help a ton in deciding what to purchase (as well as remove some of the overwhelm that can often accompany getting into cannabis). Even better, look into terpenes and cannabinoids (cannabinoids part 1, cannabinoids part 2), as doing so can be incredibly insightful on the particular effects the strain in question may have.

After reviewing the 3-system classification, you get into your preferred method of consumption. As many are aware, there are a number of ways to engage with cannabis (e.g., vapes, pre-rolls, flower, edibles, etc.). However, regardless of what method you choose to use, if you’re new to smoking or even new to the method itself, I recommend starting small. This one’s a very popular tip of advice when it comes to cannabis consumption but one frequently mentioned for a good reason (take it from someone whose first high had her crying for 4 hours). 

So, if it’s an edible you’re trying, take half of the standard serving size for your edible (e.g., if it’s 5 mg, then taking 2.5 mg will suffice). If it’s a J, try sitting with a couple of hits before signing up for a whole 1 gram pre-roll. If it’s hitting a bong, ask your friends for help. Lord knows, my best friend coached me through SO many bong rips because I knew I wasn’t ready to fudge it up on my own. Whichever method you prefer, just remember to go slow.


Certain terpenes and cannabinoids can’t be entirely “unlocked” without the proper heat temperature. For example, myrcene, a prevalent terpene found in cannabis, has a boiling point of 334°F. This means if myrcene is to be truly appreciated when consuming cannabis, a minimum temperature of 334°F is needed. CBD is another incredibly prevalent cannabinoid (and the only one to receive FDA approval for seizure medication). For this cannabinoid to be enjoyed, a temperature of 356°F is needed. So if your preferred method of consumption is inhalation, specifically vaping, then my next tip of advice is to get familiar with the battery temp settings on your vape –it will literally change your high. As you journey along in your search for the ideal cannabis high, you’ll come across organic compounds that enhance your high due to how it interacts with your body. So knowing what temperature it reaches for its boiling point can be beneficial to your smoke sesh. 

Now –while we’re on the subject– when it comes to vaping, sometimes you encounter the pesky problem of your cart clogging up with oil. Whether it’s due to it being left upside down in your car during the warm summer heat or the quality of the cart is blah at best, it can be annoying (and also kinda embarrassing with all the exertion and funny faces you make trying to get it unclogged). 

If this happens to you, triggering the heating system on your battery can help. For example, if it’s a battery with a push button, there’s typically a “preheating” feature you can trigger (some only need two clicks, others three). If your push-button battery doesn’t have that feature (or you forgot how to activate it), pressing it for a few seconds should do the trick. Now if your battery is a pull system, it’s a little trickier. I usually try to trigger the pull system lightly until I feel the cart’s base starting to warm up. After a few tries, I take a big pull, which usually does the trick for me. If that’s not ideal, you can always use a blow dryer to unstick the oil. 


Vaping and edibles, in general, can be an excellent intro for beginners. I know when I first started my journey, they proved instrumental in my eventual comfort with flower. But ultimately, you grow tired of vaping all the time or having that couch-lock-stuck-feel when the edible kicks in. When you’re ready to head into flower, you’ll find that prepping it for yourself can be its own meditative practice (and yes, I do have a mini routine for when I’m grinding my weed). Breaking apart the bud, stuffing it into your grinder, and spinning it ’round and ’round to break it down more can be such a peaceful practice (for me, at least). 

Grinding your flower is key for packing your bong, bowls, pipes, Js, blunts —you name it. But rolling said bud from scratch can be incredibly challenging, with some (many) straight-up refusing to even try (me being one of them).  

If this is you, and you really enjoy the J vibe, then my next tip is to invest in cones. Cones are dope, and if you’re new to the scene or don’t really have it in you to learn the art of rolling, they’re a lifesaver. I bought a bulk amount off Amazon that included a stick and funnel, and I absolutely love it. It makes the overall process a ton more manageable and a lot less stressful.

And on that note, if you’ve been using your grinder for like a week (or even a few months) and are contemplating washing your grinder —just don’t. I learned this one the hard way. Sticking your grinder in dish soap and water does nothing. You will literally be left with nothing but wet, stuck bud and a serious concern for mold build-up on its spikes and crevices.

SO, unless you’re ready to do some nitty-gritty cleaning, it’s best that you don’t (my best friend looked at me like I had three heads when I told her about my beginner blunder).  

However, if you’re like me and it’s already too late, and you’re grinder is currently sitting in a dish soap bath of its own making (or you just really wanna clean your grinder properly), Dean, our floor supervisor, advises, “Just clean it like you would your bong.” In other words, some isopropyl alcohol and rock salt should do the trick nicely. If you don’t have that on hand, Luis, our salesfloor agent, recommends putting it in the freezer and using a dab tool to pick off the frozen flower.


Now, we all know how stinky weed can be, with many stoners living by the saying, “The stinkier, the better.” But sometimes you want the stinky to be…not so stinky. 

If being discreet is your end goal, it helps to have a fan propped up against the window, front facing out, so that you can blow your smoke directly into its back. Since the smoke is being pushed directly into the fan and guided to the outside air, it doesn’t have time to settle in your space and make it all smelly. Burning incense before and after your smoke sesh or spraying a bottle of can of disinfectant spray can also help mask the smell.

After your smoke sesh is done, you might feel a grimy, gunky feeling in your mouth. The act of inhaling smoke, even if it’s weed, can cause all sorts of oral health issues (e.g., gingivitis, whitish-gray lesions on your gums, thrush, etc.). So it’s a personal one, but my next tip of advice –try not to forget to brush your teeth before or after your smoke sesh (preferably after, but hey, as they say, beggars can’t be choosers, and that couch-lock is no joke). Oral health is incredibly important, and smoking absolutely will put a strain on it. If you don’t have a routine for teeth care, try setting one as soon as possible. 


Cannabis becomes more and more accepted daily and its use has increased over the years due to state legalization. Being able to consume the plant without immediate repercussions on the horizon is a beautiful privilege and benefit many of us get to enjoy. 

However, at any given moment in the U.S., more than 40,000 individuals are incarcerated for cannabis-related crimes. So, if you have the means, my last tip of advice would be to support non-profit organizations like the Last Prisoner Project

The Last Prisoner’s project was founded in 2019 based on the belief that no one should remain incarcerated for cannabis-related offenses. This non-profit organization consists of a group of justice-impacted individuals, policy and education experts, and leaders in criminal justice and drug policy reform that work to end the injustice surrounding America’s policy of cannabis prohibition. They work tirelessly to achieve the goal of freeing the tens of thousands of individuals still unjustly imprisoned for cannabis. 

You’re enjoying something that many are STILL sitting in jail for. Don’t take that for granted, and help fight the good fight. 


And that’s a wrap for this week! Have you checked out our menu recently? We have great new pricing and bundles for you to enjoy! Get them while you can!